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Taffy's Typing Service provides an efficient, accurate and cost effective word processing and formatting service for all types of documents, especially technical documentation, including where documents and illustrations from several different media sources have to be merged into one single document.

R James, Engineer.

Taffy's Typing Service has been designing and publishing programs and posters for Mackay's Community Theatre since 2005. We are delighted with the professional standard of their work.

C Thompson, Secretary, Kucom Theatre Inc.

As a boilermaker I don't have the time to muck around with resumés, so I make a phone call to Taffy's Typing Service, explain what I want and how I want it, and bang my resume is sitting in my inbox ready to go!  Each job I've applied for, I’ve been offered.  I've been using Taffy's Typing Service for three years now.

P Mather, South Mackay

I translated my family history from the original Dutch, but needed help to tidy it up and make it sound right in English.  Taffy's Typing Service edited and proofread my efforts and helped me to produce a lovely book which I was proud to give to my younger sister as a birthday present.

J Barbour, South Mackay

My mum took me to Taffy's Typing Service to get a resumé done so I could land a good holiday job while I was at school. The result was that I got regular work in an electronics store, and now that I've left school I'm doing a Computer course at University.

D O'Connor, Sydney

I give all my dictaphone transcription work to Taffy's Typing Service and I am impressed with the quality, speed and reasonable pricing.  Very professional and efficient service.

D Bradshaw, South Mackay

Taffy's Typing Service is an amazingly upmarket and diversely-structured business designed to meet all my writing needs, from my casual jottings, poetry and other personal writing to more sophisticated projects that have included highly-awarded Post-Graduate University theses and Dissertations.  Superbly-oriented quality workmanship par excellence, the highest level of efficiency and ethics underpins Taffy’s Typing Service, and I have been rewarded over and above my own expectations for the delivery of Taffy’s meticulous interactive service. Don’t believe me? Try it and see!

Jane N, Rockhampton

I can’t believe I have found such perfection in an Editor, and yet I have! Quality is what Taffy’s Typing Service is all about. From consultancy to invoicing, from editing and proof-reading to the final play of ideas presented in the tangible design of excellence! I highly recommend Taffy’s Typing Service for all your writing requirements.

K Knight, Rockhampton

I had been out of the workforce for many years, raising my family, and my old resume was way out of date. Taffy's Typing Service worked with me on updating my resumé so that it was easy to read and visually appealing. As a result I got the library traineeship I wanted, and am now permanently employed in a job that I love.

K Ward, North Mackay

Affordable quality at your fingertips – this is what Taffy’s Typing Service stands for. I could not be happier!  Thank you, Taffy’s!

P Mason, Rockhampton